I’m sitting at my chiropractor’s office writing a blog post. Why? you may ask. Well it’s my punishment for doing a good deed. I of course, talk to everyone and was checking out when the staff mentioned that they had a problem with their wireless. I just happened to have my geeky son with me… Continue Reading

Paris 2007

Paris Day 1 – Friday/Saturday We boarded a plane in Philadelphia and headed to Paris.  We sat next to a couple, Rich and Kristen, who were on their way to Portugal and were trying to learn the language on the way.  They had been to Paris before and were quick to point out that we… Continue Reading

Frustrated with job searching

I know the economy isn’t great right now. I’ve been aware of it for a while but knowing doesn’t really make things easier does it. I’ve spent countless hours searching and applying for jobs, going on interviews, sending thank you notes and waiting to hear anything. Then when I go looking, what do I see?… Continue Reading

Are YOU a Bossy Cow?

There are animals all around us. The personalities of children closely resemble animals that most of us are familiar with: the Tasmanian devil, bossy cow, chameleon, donkey, monkey and the doe.  Even if we don’t have animals of our own, we still come in contact with some of these animals when we least expect it…. Continue Reading